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Is a breakfast taco the same as a breakfast burrito?
Short answer: no. Long answer: Definitely not. We could get into the etymology but here's the gist—a burrito is on a huge tortilla, tacos are on smaller ones (more on that later). In a breakfast burrito, you'll have a lot more of everything, especially egg. In a breakfast taco, the ratio of egg to other ingredients is almost even, if not slightly favoring the toppings. Finally, a breakfast burrito can induce what some people call, "food coma," whereas breakfast tacos will never slow you down, and can be eaten easily on-the-go. 

How can I try these breakfast tacos?
KDT opened NYC’s first breakfast taco carts in Fall 2017, and we now serve authentic, Austin-style breakfast tacos at Grand Army Plaza in Prospect Park, and at Coenties Slip Park in the Financial District. In December 2018, we expanded our breakfast taco-reach to include Retail Partners, who also serve fresh KDT grab’n’go each morning. Go to our Locations page for more information on how to get your hands on NYC’s best breakfast tacos. 

Don’t want to leave the house / office? We also cater to all 5 boroughs! Minimum order size is only $100 (equal to 25 tacos or 18 tacos + 1 KDT Queso). We can accommodate orders outside of NYC as well; the minimum and delivery fees just vary based on location. Go to our Orders page for more information on catering.

Can I have my breakfast taco on a corn tortilla?
You can, but not at King David Tacos. The Austin tradition calls for flour tortillas first and foremost. Once you have your first breakfast taco on flour, where the soft, unbreakable tortilla has almost become one with the inner contents, you'll be a believer. Corn tortillas have their place in taco-land, it's just not here. At least for now.

We do offer Gluten-Free “taco cups,” a breakfast bowl, of sorts. These are available in limited quantities at our carts, and for special order through catering.

You're obviously passionate about flour tortillas, please, tell me more!
At KDT, we use an exclusively-sourced flour tortilla shipped fresh from Texas. Just like New Yorkers know that the pizza dough here is better than anywhere else, flour tortillas from Texas are the only true way. Ours are made with minimal ingredients and no preservatives, which gives them a homemade flavor profile and a consistency that will make you wonder what you've been eating your whole life.

We should also mention that they're 5-inchers, not 6-inchers like what you'll typically find 'round here, because it's the perfect size whether you're in for one taco or two.

How many breakfast tacos should I order?
We built these tacos to fit into a variety of lifestyles—not too big, not too small; enough to eat and feel satisfied, with lasting energy, but never overly-indulgent. We always say, “one is a snack, two to three is a meal.”

For catering, we always recommend 2 per person as a minimum. For the carts, it’s up to you!

We’ve approximated the calories for each taco, check out the breakdown here.

What is picante sauce?
Picante [/pee-kahn-tay/] sauce is basically a smooth, gringo-esque salsa. "Picante" means spicy, so yes, ours is that too—but we created it as the perfect peppery complement to KDT tacos, making it more like a condiment versus something you would dip a chip into.

What's your problem with cotija cheese?
Hmmm. How do we put this lightly...

Cotija is more for your Instagram than for your mouth. It looks pretty, but it rarely carries a flavor worth tasting, and, plainly, it's not a Tex-Mex-approved cheese. At KDT, we're more interested in how things taste than how they look. We use a cheddar / monterey jack blend that will give your breakfast taco more punch.

Can I reheat my tacos?
Your breakfast tacos are served hot, ready to eat. If you're saving them for later, ain't no shame in stickin' 'em in the microwave (for less than 1 min each) if you want to get them piping! (Just please, take off the foil.)

Are these tacos kosher?
Okay, okay, we know it's confusing—the King David thing, makes it feel like a Jewish thing, and while yes, we were started by a Texan Jew (we exist!), unfortunately bacon and chorizo are...not kosher. You can order the tacos kosher-style by ordering the Queen Bean, the Mom’s Migas, or doing one of our modified tacos (PEC, Egg & Cheese, etc.).

Then, who is King David?
King David refers to Liz's dad, David, who, 10 years ago, actually offered to help Liz out with starting a breakfast taco stand in NYC, because he recognized there was something missing in the market. But noooo, Liz was living a glamorous life as an entry-level advertising account exec, and had to go down that road for a decade before realizing, as we all eventually do, that her father was right.

Wait, who's Liz?
Liz is the insane person who decided to give this breakfast taco dream a go. Born in Austin at Seton Hospital (noting hospital and high school are markers of real Austinites vs faux), and an Austinite all the way through her years as a Longhorn, she and her husband, Nate (an aspiring Texan since childhood), are passionate about the powers of the breakfast taco and are the founders of KDT. Liz does the food; Nate does the dad jokes.

What is a Tacodillo?
Much like the elusive Jackalope, the legend of the Tacodillo tells us that they have been seen ambling precariously along Texas highways in the pale moonlight. Made almost entirely of a flour tortilla containing a variety of fillings, the Tacodillo has never been caught...or if he was, he was eaten.


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