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March Special: THE JR VEGAN

...not just for vegans!

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What's the JR Vegan?

The JR Vegan is made with our homemade refried beans that make our Queen Bean the best-seller, perfectly cooked russets, and jalapeño rajas (hence the "JR").

Wrapped in our shipped-fresh-from-Texas flour tortilla, this taco will make a believer out of plant-based eaters and meat-ers alike. Trust us!!

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What are rajas?

"Rajas" (which translates to "strips" in Spanish) refers to a style of cutting peppers. It's basically a julienne. On a menu, "rajas" usually means a combination of blistered poblano peppers and sautéed onions—we put a KDT twist on this by using jalapeños instead of poblanos. Lends a little bit of heat, but not too much!

JR Vegan 3.jpg

Get 'em while you can!

The JR Vegan is on the menu through the end of March. Try it out at Wall Street (M-F) and at Prospect Park (Sat), but hurry—we carry it only in limited quantities.

Also available for catering orders!

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