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People are Talkin'

People like tacos, that's a fact. And people loooove breakfast tacos, that's pure scientific. Here's a few places where you can read or hear people discussing KDT and other important things, like breakfast economics, the origin of the breakfast taco, and why in the heck New York has been breakfast taco-barren for so long.

amNew York

amNew York

Proud to be featured in a select group Tex-pats spreading the breakfast taco gospel..! As we've always maintained—BTs are the grab'n'go breakfast NYC has been missing for too long.


Eater: NYC & Austin

Kid tested; Robert Sietsema approved.

We'll take the #1 spot, even if it is determined by location.

Homestate love is the best love.
We made the AM Intel in NYC, and got called a real New Yorker in the Austin edition! (What makes you a real New Yorker these days anyway? Oh well, we'll take it.)

Genius Kitchen

Genius Kitchen

Liz finally gets to live out her dream of telling people how to eat. Check out the recipe developed with GK Now. 

NYMag Grubstreet

New York Magazine's GrubStreet

NYMag Senior Editor Sierra Tishgart profiles the business and Liz. This article became ground zero for subsequent hubbub and hoopla down in our home state. Read on, friends...

We're NYMag ride-or-dies. Always happy to be in their pages (screens?). 



RIP Gothamist. Thanks for covering our 2nd cart opening. We'll always keep a pot of queso warm for you. 

Prospect Park Cart Coverage

Prospect Park Grand Opening Coverage

We opened NYC's first breakfast taco cart in the crown jewel of Brooklyn, and in good company. 

Life Below Canal

Life Below Canal

A local blogger gains insight on why we do what we do.

Austin American Statesman

The Austin American-Statesman

This is the newspaper we grew up reading, and the Letters to the Editor section will always hold a special place in our heart. Mostly because 7th grade Liz got a letter published there once, and changed the paper forever. Want to know how? You'll have to ask Liz.

NPR Texas Standard

NPR's Texas Standard

We think our tacos look better than just having a face for radio, but hey, when NPR calls, you answer. Here, at 22:50, they report on KDT and the lil' feud with San Antonio.


Zagat New York

Zagat calls breakfast tacos a trend; we say they're here to stay. Kinda like the Frost Tower, where at first you were like, hey, what're you doing here, you weird, spiky thing! And now you're like, wow, I can't imagine my skyline without you, Frost Tower.

My San Antonio

My San Antonio

This is where things started to get a bit...contentious. As someone once said, "If you never make a few people real pissed off about breakfast tacos, you probably won't do much at all." And as someone else once said, "Haters gonna hate."

Wide Open Country Blog

More tough love from the Lone Star State...:)

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